Week end!!!! ( And for most of you: holidays!!!)

I wake up at 10 am, so nice!! I go to the kitchen to take my breakfast. Janet prepares me a real australian breakfast: pancakes and bacon! Quite good actually.

Janet cooks VERY VERY well. Every evening, It's like if i am in a starred restaurant.

After breakfast, Janet, Mickeal , Emily and me leave the house to Adelaide. We  drop off Emily to her acting class, and we go to Chinatown with Janet. 

  -> Adelaide's Chinatown

It's so nice because every Saturday in Chinatown, Janet makes me taste asian food.

I'm delighted !

Next, we go shopping in the city and i begin my souvenirs' purchases. Like i've forgotten my wallet in France, Janet decides to buy me a new one.

I like it, it's nice.

At 1.30 pm, we go together to her belly dance' lesson. Today she asks me if i want to do the class with her, I say yes!

And i don't regret it. It was really nice, I loved it.

After the belly dance, everybody comes back home, because we all have something important to do, homeworks, marketing...

I carry on with "La Curée", which is not so bad actually.

This evening, Janet and Mickeal have a BBQ outside, so with Emily we take Mc Donald ( in spite of our lesson about his bad effects) and we decide to watch a DVD. We have already cried on with Moulin Rouge! last week, so today is a comedy "down with love"

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